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8 June 2009 - Peru, Colombia, and Brazil oil blocks, and biodiversity maps, updated to most recent data.

29 August 2008 - Brazil and Colombia oil blocks updated.

Oil blocks

Includes oil blocks only within the study area, not necessarily all blocks in the country

Download a shapefile of all oil blocks here.

oil blocks of the western amazon
Western Amazon
jpeg, TIFF, KMZ
oil blocks in Colombia
oil blocks in Peru
jpeg, TIFF
oil blocks in Ecuador
jpeg, TIFF
oil blocks in Bolivia
oil blocks in Brazil
Biodiversity bird diversity
Bird diversity
jpeg, TIFF, GIS
mammal diversity
Mammal diversity
jpeg, TIFF, GIS
amphibian diversity
Amphibian diversity
jpeg, TIFF, GIS

Data on this site are derived from a variety of public government and non-government sources.

Biodiversity maps are derived from species range data distributed by NatureServe, the IUCN Global Mammal Assessment, and the IUCN Global Amphibian Assessment. Current maps use version 3.0 data for birds, the initial version for mammals, and the November 2008 version for amphibians.

Oil block maps were derived from online data available at Colombia's Agencia Nacional de Hidrocarburos, Ecuador's Ministerio de Minas y Petróleos, Peru's Perupetro and Ministerio de Energía y Minas, Bolivia's Ministerio de Hidrocarburos y Energía, and Brazil's Agência Nacional do Petróleo, Gás Natural e Biocombustíveis.

Protected areas boundaries are primarily from the World Database on Protected Areas (WDPA). For some countries, additional protected areas were digitized from within country sources, including the Instituto Nacional de Recursos Naturales in Peru.

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